Naduvath P.O, Wandoor, Kerala

Information to Parents

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  • Parents are requested to co-operate with the school authorities in enforcing discipline and better academic atmosphere
  • Please send the children to the school in time
  • You must ensure that the child is sent in tidy and proper uniform
  • They should not wear gold ornaments or wrist watch or carry any other valuable items or cash, all money transactions should be carried out by the parents
  • They should daily check “School to Parents” section and sign in the column provided
  • Parents should meet the class teacher at least once or twice a month
  • Leave/absence must be intimated later. The students are permitted to avail half a days leave. But they will not be permitted to join or leave the school during the class hours
  • All the articles should bear the students name to trace missing items
  • Do not send the children to the school when they are affected by infectious or contagious diseases. On recovery, send them to the school only on the advice of the doctor. If any medicine is to be given to the students during the school hours, such medicine should be sent the school informing the same in the diary
  • Please attend PTA meeting without fail
  • Send student’s lunch wrapped in a clean napkin
  • Avoid over make up
  • Don’t send mobile phone/CD’s/ Walkman etc. or objectionable literature/books to school
  • Any damage to lab/ library items or any other school property will have to be made good by the parents
  • Please meet the Principal/ Administrator if you have any complaint or suggestion to make. Don’t wait for the PTA meeting

All our Scholastic and non scholastic activities are planned and executed within the frame work of military ethos. As we move in to Xth std, we shall be conducting coaching classes to help the students to join the Defence forces both as officers and non officers.